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Stainless Steel Grilles in your Breeding Cages.

bodemrooster1Stainless Steel Grilles in your Breeding Cages

Although no longer a novelty stainless steel grilles and cage fronts are gaining increased acceptance. Although they primarily benefit the birds the breeders themselves are also better of.  


  1. Major benefits with regard to hygiene. Significantly reduced incidence in intestinal and other infections.
  2. Rejected seed, egg food and other fall into the drawer and can no longer be consumed at a later date when possibly perished resulting in intestinal infections, etc.
  3. Cages can be cleaned in record time.
  4. Bird droppings fall mostly through the grille thus improving hygiene.
  5. Place baths on a cloth cut to size. Floors stay dry and the cloth can be readily interchanged.
  6. No more sand required resulting in savings.
  7. Lay newspapers or junk mail beneath the grilles – no cost involved.
  8. Grilles can be readily cleaned with a steel brush. Since most of the droppings fall through the grille this only needs to be done once every three weeks.
  9. When the cages are cleaned the fouled newspapers can be disposed with the general rubbish.
  10. Birds can no longer escape below when the bottom drawers are cleaned. 


  1. Some nesting material will fall through the grille. This can be routinely retrieved but both quantity and costs involved are not significant.
  2. A young chick that has fallen out of the nest is likely to perish sooner if not detected. A similar situation however arises with sand.
  3. More seed is likely to be wasted but the use of automatic feeders will overcome this. 

Breeding cages can be readily adapted to take these stainless steel grilles. The best thing is to try it first with a few to convince yourself that you are on the right track. I am planning to produce some for my next breeding season. S/s mesh in 1200mm x 2400mm panels can be purchased for about $150 and should be sufficient for three triple breeders. Grade 316 quality is preferred for its superior anti corrosion properties (marine conditions). KweekkooiBe2

Keeping your birds healthy - Probiotics & Antibiotics

We all wish to keep our Rollers in prime health. This is not always possible. Even when we exercise great care with balanced feeding, good quality seed & greens, clean & pest free cages, problems may still arise. In previous years birds were treated with antibiotics. Properly administered antibiotics do not generally pose a problem, rather it was the uncontrolled application of antibiotics, which build up a resistance in the birds and created an ongoing dependency on antibiotics.

Proper hygiene is required in all aspects – food and seed quality, storage, clean drinking water refreshed regularly. Cleanliness of cages especially the floor covering and the perches. Constant availability of minerals and shellgrit. Variation in seeds and egg food offered during breeding, “rest” period and the moult. Combatting pests and finally regular baths. Ensure cage floors are dry as this is often the reason why birds are off colour and problems quickly arise. In other words hygiene is a prime factor in preventing disease.

The aim should be to strive and use natural products in preference to antibiotics not only for ourselves but for our Rollers. Herman kamp.

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